Diving in South America

    The trail of the Moai The trail of the Moai, Chile

    This dive starts off at the place one goes to Anemone Wall.Instead of going south, you head off north-west, keeping the wall on your right.Stay at 70' and you will com accross a large monolith spire resembling Easter Island's rock carvings of Moai.Work your way down on the wall and you will see a…

    Tortuga Island Isabela Island, Ecuador

    Tosquera La Saladita Buenos Aires, Argentina

    care! This site I use on the danger of the neighborhoods adjacent to the quarry, is not recommended for anyone, not foreigners or locals.crucesita the village, which is bordering is extremely dangerous! ---Warning! forgotten this site its for the best of divers in argentina, the neaborhoods because…

    Tosquera Tarola Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Eagle Ray

    Tower Rock Galapagos, Ecuador

    Tower Rock is a small rock in the west if the island where you might also see Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, dolphins, yellow fin tuna, big eye jacks, mobula rays, eagle rays, golden cowrays and mantas. From June to October you might even see a whale sharks.

    Trampa Tortuga San Andres and Providence islands, Colombia

    Turtle Rock Capurgana, Colombia

    Some of the most fantastic sites, easily accessible and of moderate depths, for those who want to enjoy an exceptional submarine landscape and to observe, in very safe conditions, the life embedded in crevices and walls. Turtle Rock is an enormous rock in the upper toadstool, 40 ft in height; its…

    Vapor Bahia Vapor Bahia, Brazil

    This big ship sunked after colision with "Pirapama". Special site to see big turtles, lobster, little life in large schools, rays and sharks - Tubar„o Lambaru or Tubar„o Lixa(Ginglymostoma cirratum).

    Vapor de Baixo Vapor de Baixo, Brazil

    Steamboat, small but very beautiful.Keeps machines and wheels for propulsion.

    Victory 8B Espirito Santo and Guarapari, Brazil

    This 90m long vessel was sunk as an artificial Reef 03/07/2003.

    Villa la Angostura Bariloche, Argentina


    West Point San Andres and Providence islands, Colombia

    Statue of Neptune

    West view San Andres and Providence islands, Colombia

    Easy dive with small caverns on the vertical shore wall. Very nice to little caverns penetration. Mostly of them are very safe to get in. There is a statue of Neptune on the sandy bottom which is great for photo opportunities.La costa es una peque?a pared vertical con cuevas peque?as. Es muy lindo…

    Sebastian Belalcazar Bahia Solano, Nuqui and Gorgona Island, Colombia

    The Sebastian was scuttled by the Colombian navy in 2004 to create an artificial reef which would attract marine life. Now plump surgeonfish nibble the algae growing from the captain’s cabin as shoals of grunts swirl above and pufferfish nestle among white sea-fans in the front deck. A…

    Bahia Solano Bahia Solano, Nuqui and Gorgona Island, Colombia

    Despite a slightly limited visibility, the diving conditions off the shores of Bahia Solano can be excellent, with warm waters and little current. Divers without experience of the Pacific will be interested in the unfamiliar habitat provided by these stony reefs.
    White Tip Shark

    The Cathedral Malpelo, Colombia

    Descend onto the pinnacle then enter the tunnel from a sandy bottom at 18 metres that almost reaches the surface on the other side. The tunnel walls are covered in corals and sponges. Inside the tunnel is full of many fish, which creates a mystic feeling. Enjoy diving at the church! You can see…
    Silky Shark

    Monster Face Malpelo, Colombia

    This site is on the north side of Virginia's Altar, under what looks like the face of a monster, which seems to be looking at Malpelo from the North. Descend down the vertical wall where it's possible to see huge schools of hammerheads.There are also tuna, silky sharks, eagle rays, jacks, eels and…
    Manta Ray

    Castaway Coast Malpelo, Colombia

    Loads of Creole fish, eels, sea bass, jacks and sea urchins but the best things to see are the pacific manta or school of hammerheads!

    The Freezer Malpelo, Colombia

    Wall dive, with lots of hard corals and volcanic landscape.Massive schools of hammerhead sharks and other big pelagics.Look out for silkies, whale sharks, tuna, rays, eels and jacks.
    School of Eagle Rays

    The Fridge Malpelo, Colombia

    A small bay with a cleaning station for jacks and hammerhead.Lots of creole fish, eagle rays, silky sharks in the hundreds and maybe even a whale shark or two.Fabulous dive.
    Galapagos Sharks

    La Gringa Malpelo, Colombia

    The biggest rock on the south of Malpelo, swim through the cave in the pinnacle onto the three sea mounds where a big school of jacks hang out.Hammerheads frequent the area along with the illusive Galapagos shark, eagle rays, and tuna.

    The Twins Malpelo, Colombia

    This site is two long parallel pinnacles that form a canyon that schools of hammerhead sharks and eagle rays tend to swim through.Look for scorpionfish and eels in the shallower depths or maybe a silky shark a bit deeper.
    School of Jacks

    Viginia's Altar Malpelo, Colombia

    Also called 'The Reef', with large coral formations and lots of reef fish, snapper, bass, surgeonfish, angelfish, Morrish Idols and morays.Schools of barracuda and jacks are common and maybe the occasional hammerhead.

    la Guaza Los Roques, Venezuela

    It is a rock that is born to 100 feet and does not reach to emerge on the surface. Its highest point is approximately 6 meters are 3 floors filled with life, with variable currents and generally great visibility +- 90 ft

    Barrera del Sur Los Roques, Venezuela

    It is a barrier reef that begins at 15 feet and drops to 120 feet, with a espctacular visibility, located to the south of the archipelago, 40 minutes of soft navigation by the laguna of corals, dive with current usually to the side of the the fall of the house reef or pared.usted sporadic since you…

    Punta de Tuja Maracay, Venezuela

    A surprising dive site...