Diving in South America

    Punta Payape Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    Punta Vincente Roca Isabela Island, Ecuador

    Shallow cave to snorkel with penguins, sun fish, sea lions and sea turtles.Coldest spot we dived in June/July, saw sunfish (mola mola) and red lipped batfish. Dove to 90 ft.

    Queimada Grande Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Queimada Grande is a 200m high rock, underwater life is abundant (groupers, etc.)

    Rasa Island Espirito Santo and Guarapari, Brazil

    Recanto do campin Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Site also known as Saco de Batismo (Baptism Bay) and therefore is one of the most visited site by diving operators, although it can be surprising even for experimented divers. The rocky bottom forms many small caves in which can be found Frades (Friars) and shoals of cryptic fishes (that lives in…

    Regi„o dos naufr·gios Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Ressureta Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    Ressureta is sought for the drift dive it offers. Its cracks harbour is rich of marine life, like sharks.Ressureta proporciona mergulho de correntes marinhas (fracas). Os abrigos de rochas e corais s„o ricos em vida marinha, inclusive tubar?es.

    Restinga del Faro Mar del Plata, Argentina

    Restinga Punta Cuevas Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Rio da Prata - Bonito Rio da Prata - Bonito, Brazil

    This dive site is a river called Rio da Prata (Silver River) with great river biology in a excellent visibility.Este mergulho È no Rio da Prata e tem muita vida aqu·tica com uma visibilidade fant·stica.

    Rio Futaleufu Rio Futaleufu, Argentina

    A diferent coluns reef

    Roca Alfa Roca Alfa, Chile

    Interesting Sea life, big sponges and schoolfishes.

    Roca Chungungo Roca Chungungo, Chile

    Roca Chungungo is named for the sea otters that frequent this particular spot.The best way to dive the area is to enter the water and go around the rock in a clockwise fashion.The western most extreme is also the deepest for those who need the nitrogen fix.This is a good dive for beginners as…

    Roca Redonda Isabela Island, Ecuador

    This is a very special dive, in the shallow water (10 - 18m), there are several underwater steam vents with gas bubbles rising to the surface...Otherwise, hammerhead sharks, sea lions etc.

    Saco do Anequim Cabo, Brazil


    Saco do Capim Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    It has this name because of the vegetation of the island here. The bottom is cover of zoantÌdeos, a highlight is the wreck of Granada. In the parts of the wreck is common encounter of sea horses.

    Saco do Cardeiro Cabo, Brazil

    Saco do Cherne Cabo, Brazil

    Saco do Eust·quio Sao Paulo, Brazil

    This is "Saco do Eust·quio" beach, a good place to see a large diversity of marine biology like turtles, marine snakes, beautiful fish species, etc.

    Saco do OratÛrio Sao Paulo, Brazil


    Saco do Vidal Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Very good to see big fishes like groupers. Good to deep diving too. You can see big soft corals like Elisella species and slipper lobsters.The name of this site it's a tribute to an old lighthouse man who lived for a while on the island. Next to the Ba?a do Farol, with similar features. The depth…

    Salmedina Cartagena, Colombia

    The place use to have diving clubs and schools.Is a place of archelogic interest.Is a oceanic reef formation with a big underwater plate and rocks, with two wrecks next to the base of a lighthouse.

    Saveiros Saveiros, Brazil

    Steamboat sunked to create artificial reef.

    Sepultura Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil


    Serigado de Fora Natal, Brazil

    A beautiful reef coral with a lot of life.

    Servemar I Servemar I, Brazil


    Servemar X Servemar X, Brazil

    Tagus Cove Isabela Island, Ecuador

    This is a good place to meet sea horses, longnosed hawkfishes, and frogfishes.

    Taipus de Fora Taipus de Fora, Brazil


    Tartaruguinha Natal, Brazil


    Taurus Taurus, Brazil

    Boat sunk to create artificial reef. Keeps small life living in large schools.

    The Abyss The Abyss, Chile

    This site is frequented by sea lions and otters.Large fish (Peje Perro).It's good for beginners if they don't wander off.The name comes from a feeling one gets once diving the wall, with the lushious kelp and the sandy bottom at 105 Ft, combined with the good visibility, when you cross a channel,…

    The beach The beach, Chile

    From this beach there are 2 dives.You go north at about 15 Ft until you reach the drop-off to 50 Ft.Then either go north-west along the wall.At the far end it's 92 Ft depth and you turn around or you go North-East.This side needs good navigators that can find their way back.The second is notorious…

    The Moai Trail The Moai Trail, Chile

    It's a very picturesque dive in that you keep the wall on your right and you pass by a number of rock formations.One looks like a spire, the kind of a statue of Easter Island, reason for the Moai name.Look for the cave at 90 feet just north of the Moai.Come back through the kelp or venture yourself…

    The Rock Wolf Island, Ecuador


    The sunken reef The sunken reef, Chile

    The sunken reef is a superb dive that can test your skills: the Padi flag for this dive has been located at the start, where the cut is to go to Anemone wall.Go past the cut headed west and keep the wall on your left.You will soon find that as the sandy bottom keeps dropping, you will level off at…