Diving in South America

    The comandante Pesoa is distributed into three major portions.The stern to midships, at the home of machines, the hull is to capsize boreste. Near the stern there are some openings for mooring and a Cabe?o already fallen on the sand.The stern, facing the surface to about 23 meters, has a rudder, the…

    Naufr·gio do S„o Luiz Natal, Brazil

    S?o Luiz is supported in the fund, already at an advanced stage of cutting, but the wreckage and are aligned to the ship's structure.The bow is to port and OSSIER little left of its structure. Along the bow is a major fall-type anchors admiralty.In the middle of the castle is great for capstan…

    Naufr·gio Reboque Naufragio Reboque, Brazil

    "For many years the story told on this vessel was that was torpedoed during the Second War, but the wreckage showed no marks of having suffered the impact of torpedoes. There were records for the nafr?gio in 1908, which also showed up inconclusive.In 1999 divers from Recife, located a piece of…

    Naufr·gio Siqueira Campos Naufragio Siqueira Campos, Brazil

    II World War cargo ship sunk in 1943.

    Navio Do PecÈm Navio Do Pecem, Brazil

    II World War English Ship sunk by U-507

    Niko Cartagena, Colombia

    Maximum diving depth of about 24 m / 80 ft and is suitable for all divers. Visibility is between 10-20 metres and access to the site is by boat.

    Paraje RincÛn Punta Tacuara, Argentina

    Parcel de Boi Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    One of the better dive sites on the south side of the island. The site starts on the tip of Saco do Capim, near 10 meters deep. The site ends (to the southwest) near 22 meters deep. You can find rest of some wrecks and a great variety of sea life. Is common to see passing fishes like Olhetes,…

    Parcel do Coronel Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Very interesting dive site. It has a unique under water topology sorted with narrow passages and short caves. It is also common to spot rays. The dive site itself is the submerged rock formation 500~600 meters off the Lage do Coronel. The Parcel is indicated by a navigation buoy and the Lage is…

    Pared Sur Pared Sur, Chile

    One of the best Dive Sites in the area, dont forget to visit "La cueva del Congrio" at 37m.visit www.buceomagallanes.cl to get there.

    Parque da Galheta Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Parque Natural las Piedras Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Parque Viejo Puerto Madryn, Argentina


    Pedra da Boia de Fogo Pedra da Boia de Fogo, Brazil

    The Reefs of the buoy of Fire are in the middle of the Inlet Mucuripe and occasionally you can get up to 5 meters of visibility, especially from January to July. The average visibility ede 0 to 2 meters. Marine life surprises: many paruns, Salem, potatoes, sponges and corals. A great option to stay…

    Pedras Secas Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    Pedras Secas dive site, its name means dry stones in Portuguese. Is an arena like formation, surrounded by small passages and small caverns and cracks in the rocks. The local divemaster will guide you through the best parts of the site and will always call your attention to the wonders that come…

    Penon Bobo Capurgana, Colombia

    Start the dive next to rock's north wall and dive all the way to 60-70 ft.Head towards the reef (west).Then follow the reef and continue north until you find the entrance of a big cave.Enter the cave all the way to the end and you will find a tight exit. No dive light needed.You may exit the cave…

    Piedra Grande Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Pinaculos Wolf Island, Ecuador

    Mainly a drift dive, with some caves or cracks.

    Pirangi Natal, Brazil


    Pirapama Pirapama, Brazil

    Always a good dive. Turtles, lobster and very little life. Good visibility. You will see big turtles in the night dive.

    Playa Bonita Bariloche, Argentina

    Altitude diving 760 msn. School diving used. Tipical bottom, mostly sand.

    Ponta da Ilha Longa Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Usual marine life for the coastal South Atlantic area.

    Ponta de Porto Belo Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Ponta do Farol Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Is the deepest dive of the island. On this site the currents can be very strong, but the view compensates. Is like a wall with lot of big passing fishes.

    Ponta Grossa Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Ponta Leste Cabo, Brazil

    Porto de Galinhas Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

    Inside the reefs bar area, near shore, the depth is low and good for snorkeling. Outside the reefs bar, care is necessary about the rocks.Nos canais dos recifes a profundidade ? boa para mergulho livre (snorkel). Depois dos recifes ? necess?rio cuidado com as pedras.

    Pozo del Tio Mar del Plata, Argentina

    Praia do Juli„o Sao Paulo, Brazil


    Prainha Cabo, Brazil

    On this site you can find a big variety of sea life.There are no fish fishes, but there are always some moray eels, brazilian electric Rays (treme-treme), squids, octopuses and other interesting species like the plagiobrissus grandis.It's an excelent site for a night dive!Usually there's no current…
    School of fish

    Puerto Naito Baru Cartagena, Colombia

    Most centres do cartagena diving excursions to this place, where there are no dangers, there are places that reach 12 metres deep but on average the depth is three meters, excellent visibility.Snorkelling is also good around Puerto Naito.

    Punta Albemarle Isabela Island, Ecuador

    It is a good place for large pelagic specie: manta rays, hammerhead sharks, marine turtles, barracuda, snappers, tuna...

    Punta Baru Cartagena, Colombia


    Punta Cuevas Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    This spot is a very good site for beginners.

    Punta Este Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Punta Este Off Shore Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Punta Morena Isabela Island, Ecuador


    Punta Norte San Andres and Providence islands, Colombia

    Punta Pardelas Puerto Madryn, Argentina