Diving in South America

    La Pecha Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    La Pecha Afuera Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    La Penia Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    La Piramide San Andres and Providence islands, Colombia

    La plataforma Las Grutas San Antonio, Argentina


    La Portada La Portada, Chile

    This dive is a difficult one in that there are strong surges and not really a current.They bring a lot of food around and provides divers a unique opportunity to see schools of "Hacha" fish, similar to the juvenile angelfish in the caribean, except these are about 30 cm diameter.The bottom has…

    Lage Branca Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    It is a small rock close to the Angra dos Reis harbor channel. Its position is indicated by a navigation light. If the sea conditions permit it is possible to dive around it in 35 minute (keeping a depth of 5~7mt).

    Lage dos 2 Irm„os Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    The main attractions of this place are the frequent encounters with sharks and the island¥s largest coralline formation.As atraÁ?es principais s„o os frequentes encontros com tubar?es e as formaÁ?es de corais.

    Lago Azul Mara Rosa Lago Azul GO, Brazil

    The Blue Lake is a lake in an old gold-mining. The Blue Lake is between the town of Mara Rosa (GO) and Amaralina (GO).Mara Rosa a super friendly and relaxed place, is 320 km from Brasilia and 12 km of Lake Blue. With water over 20m of visibility and temperature of 27?C, the Blue Lake has become one…

    Lago azul PirenÛpolis Lago azul Pirenopolis, Brazil


    Lago del Sol Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Lago Falkner Lago Falkner, Argentina


    Lago Mari Menuco Lago Mari Menuco, Argentina

    Lagoa Azul Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Lagoa do Urua? Lagoa do Uruau, Brazil


    Lagoa dos Ingleses Lagoa dos Ingleses, Brazil

    There's not much to see on this dive site. The visibility is around 2 meters, but can reach 8 meters depending on the day. The dive is very nice for training and equipment testing. If you're lucky, you can find some fresh water fishes like the "Traira". Be careful with boats. The Yatch Club offers a…

    Lagoa Verde Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    At average of Ilha Grande are dive site. You can find moreys, crabs, small reef fish. Very often live aboard boast stop by for the end of the day plus night dives here.

    Lagoinha Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Laguna Azul Lagos Cordobeses, Argentina

    This is a nice place to do a baptism

    Laguna Totora Laguna Totora, Argentina


    Laje de Santos Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Dive with Mantas!

    Landslide Wall Wolf Island, Ecuador


    Las Piedras San Andres and Providence islands, Colombia

    Las topias Las topias, Venezuela


    Lobera de Curaumilla Lobera de Curaumilla, Chile

    Dive in an area that has one of the biggest colony of seals in the region.

    Loberia Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Los Hermanos Isabela Island, Ecuador

    Los Jardines Juan Dolio, Chile


    Los Molles Los Molles, Chile

    It is a place of cold water with excellent visibility and depths of possibility. Sea lions and beautiful species.

    Lupus Lupus, Brazil


    MarÌa Elizabeth Wreck Maria Elizabeth Wreck, Chile

    Cargo sunk 13th jan 1965

    Maufr·gio do Porto Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    Two steam boats used around the 1940?s compose the scenery of steel structures and lots of marine life. This spot is also a great option for snorkelling and night diving.Dois navios a vapor de cerca de 1940 comp?e o cen?rio das estruturas de a?o e muita vida marinha. Tamb?m ? uma boa op??o para…

    Mercurius Mercurius, Brazil

    Boat sunk to create artificial reef. Keeps small life in large schools.

    Minuano Minuano, Brazil

    Mont„o de Trigo Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Morrito Largo Capurgana, Colombia

    Naufragio Albatros Puerto Madryn, Argentina


    Naufragio Amazonas Naufragio Amazonas, Brazil

    The ship sank in 1981 when Amazon entered the Port of Mucuripe. Brought in their cargo timber, appliances and large load of crystals. The containers brought in and ended being plundered beaches. There were no fatalities.

    Naufragio Folias Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Naufragio Rio de Oro Puerto Madryn, Argentina