Diving in South America

    Estaleiro Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Estancia Tunel Ushuaia, Argentina


    Farallon - id: 29559 Isla Margarita, Venezuela


    Gales de Maragogi Gales de Maragogi, Brazil

    Reef lagoons dive. Mostlly for snorkelly but Scuba dive also possible.

    Gran Roque Gran Roque, Venezuela

    The 98-foot (30-meter) long, 217-ton was built in Gran Roque Venezuela's state-owned Shipyards in 1973 to serve domestic ports, but lack of maintenance the vessel finally Crippled for good seven years ago.Abandoned alongside the dock, the tug became a haven for the homeless and filled with trash and…

    Grutazul Cabo, Brazil

    fantastic dive with PL Divers Arraial do Cabo RJ

    Hat Island Wolf Island, Ecuador

    Ichao el Tunal Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    Ilha Anchieta Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Usual dive site for OWD training.

    Ilha Comprida Paraty, Brazil


    Ilha das Cabras Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Ilha das Couves Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Ilha de Buzios Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Ilha de Buzio is halfway between Ilha Bela e Ilha Vitoria.

    Ilha de ¬ncora Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil

    Ilha do Jorge Grego Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    We can divide the island into two points for diving: the internal part, where there is a wreck of a fishing vessel, has depths ranging from 9 to 20 meters. The bottom is sand and rocks that form passages between the rocks. Here the level of experience is the recommended level. From the outside,…

    Ilha do Meio Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    Situated at the end of Rata's Channel, this island is bathed by the outside sea clear stream. The big caves/lairs are the main attraction.Situada no final do canal da Rata, esta ilha ? banhada pelas correntes claras do oceano. As grandes cavernas s?o a principal atra??o.

    Ilha dos Cocos Paraty, Brazil

    Ilha dos Ganchos Paraty, Brazil

    Many dive centers from S„o Paulo State make their novice divers training in the area of Paraty. Ilha dos Meros is one of the most visited spot in the area.

    Ilha dos Ratos Paraty, Brazil


    Ilha Escalvada Espirito Santo and Guarapari, Brazil


    Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Ilha Rapada Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Close to Ilha das Couves, in front of Ubatumirim beach.

    Ilha Vitoria Sao Paulo, Brazil

    It has usually visibility above 10mt and water temperature above 23oC. Small rays and turtles are frequent visitors. Most commun diving spots are Professora Bay (AKA Saco da Professora) and Paia Bay (AKA Saco do Paia). Also possible to dive, if sea condition are favorable, in Pescadores Island (AKA…

    Isla Cerro Pelado Lagos Cordobeses, Argentina


    Isla de los lobos Ushuaia, Argentina

    Isla Larga Puerto Cabello Puerto Cabello, Venezuela

    Located just minutes from Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state, is located the Spa Quizandal. From there, workers carry those kind of move to Long Island, only with free access to the public in interacting many marine species, coral formations and a complex ecological community, which makes it a key to…

    Isla Lepen Isla Lepen, Argentina


    Isla Redonda Ushuaia, Argentina

    kelp forest and sometime sea lions.

    Jardines de CopetÛn Jardines de Copeton, Chile

    The entry to the site is from the pebble beach.Exercise extreme caution with the surf in this area upon entry and exit.Once you are in the water head out to about 10m depth and descend.It is best to head SW and work around the large rocks.This site has lots of kelp and the associated marine…

    Kicker Rock San Cristobal Island, Ecuador


    La Caldera La Caldera, Chile


    La Catedral La Catedral, Chile

    The diver begins with kelps, and going deeper you can find big rock formations with colourful sponges and cold water corals.

    La Cueva de Chimana Mochima National Park, Venezuela

    La Isla Las Grutas San Antonio, Argentina


    La Isla La Isla, Chile

    La Isla Seca La Isla Seca, Chile

    La Nina Encantada La Nina Encantada, Argentina

    The place its closed for all Divers.

    La Paguera San Andres and Providence islands, Colombia